A Sad Farewell to Two Standing Councillors


In recent months the Town has lost four of its finest sons and daughters: Freda Hughes, who was president of the Littlehampton Carnival Association and had been an active member for 44 years; Rosemary Orpin, who served on the Town Council and was twice Mayor; former Mayor and Councillor for 40 years Tony Squires; Town and District Councillor Chris Blanchard-Cooper.

Freda, Rosemary, Tony and Chris gave huge amounts of time, energy and enthusiasm to the Town and, following their passing, the dedication of the four magnificent stalwarts was confirmed by the copious and fulsome tributes that poured in.

Selflessly giving of themselves, and known throughout the Town for their wisdom, kindness and service, we honour each of them. As a Town Council we have been blessed to know them and to have worked alongside them. May they rest in peace.

Rosemary's individual tribute. 
Tony's individual tribute.
Chris' individual tribute.