Tribute to former Mayor and Councillor Tony Squires

Cllr Mike Northeast and Cllr Tony Squires May 2019

Tribute to former Mayor and Councillor Tony Squires

Tony was elected in 1966 as a member of Littlehampton Urban District Council, then the youngest elected Councillor, also serving as a dedicated and enthusiastic District Councillor between 1979 and 2015, with a year as Chairman.  Tony served the Town as Town Councillor from 1979 to 2003 and twice Mayor in 1987/88 and 2000/2001. Together with Cllrs Dr James Walsh and Malcolm Belchamber, he established the rare ‘tripling’ of Littlehampton with Chennevieres-sur-Mame in France and Durmersheim in Germany.   

Tony was a mentor to Councillor Mike Northeast when he was first elected 30 years ago. Speaking about his friendship with Tony, Mike said: “It’s a very sad time and I miss him a lot. My thoughts are with his with family and friends. I am sure we all have fond memories of Tony (Squeaker), his anecdotes and the unique way he represented the people he called his Wick family. For many years he was the lone Labour representative on two Councils but this did not stop him using his unique style through the power of persuasion to serve residents in Ham Ward and make it a better, fairer place for everyone.”

Mike added: “I will never forget the first day he showed me round both Councils and it was obvious from that first day that the level of affection shown towards him by the officers was genuine and well earned. It is true to say over the years we had our differences but I will always remember Tony with great fondness and for all the laughs we had over the years. Council meetings will not be the same without his dulcet tones, often saying in the simplest way what we were all thinking. Rest in Peace mate.”

Aside from his political work, he was was also well-known for his work with the Scouts, which he joined in in 1977 as a member of the group committee at the 5th Littlehampton Sea Scouts before moving over to the 7th division.

Councillor Dr James Walsh KStJ, said: “Tony had Littlehampton written through him like a stick of rock. He loved this town, and was passionate in everything he did to support and better it. His commitment from Scouting to railways, from town twinning to allotments, from Companions Club to councils was legendary. With not a bad bone in his body, he had a ready and infectious sense of humour, and brought joy and practical help to so many in our community. An irreplaceable loss to the town, we extend all our sympathies to Wendy and family, and hope to pay public tributes once this coronavirus emergency is over.”

Tony will be dearly missed by everyone at Littlehampton Town Council.