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Littlehampton Town Centre Strategy Consultation Survey
26th July to 31st August

We would like your opinion regarding the Town Centre Strategy for Littlehampton. 

You can download a copy of the draft Town Centre Strategy.

Littlehampton Town Centre is viewed as a vital area of the Town, providing residents and visitors with essential retail outlets, services – both public and private –and leisure space.

The Town Centre Strategy will lead to an action plan to be implemented by Littlehampton Town Council, Arun District Council, West Sussex County Council, Sussex Police and Traders Partnership. 

Before finalising the strategy and creating an action plan, we would like to hear the views of traders, residents and those who do or would use the Town Centre. Consultation responses will be summarised and reported back to Town Councillors. 

Please take a few minutes on this questionnaire to give us your opinion.