Rampion 2 Wind Farm Consultation

Rampion windfarm

Rampion 2 is a proposed expansion of the Rampion Offshore Wind Farm located in the English Channel off the Sussex coast. The offshore area of search being reviewed for development of the new wind farm is adjacent to Rampion.

The Rampion 2 project design works are ongoing. Proposals are being developed so that consent for development may be sought in late 2021.

Notice Publicising a Statement of Community Consultation

Notice is hereby given that Rampion Extension Development Limited (“RED”), a joint venture company comprising RWE, a Macquarie-led
consortium (comprising Macquarie European Infrastructure Fund 5, the Green Investment Group and the Universities Superannuation
Scheme) and Enbridge, is promoting the development of an offshore wind farm project known as Rampion 2. Read the full notice.

The Statement of Community Consultation (SoCC) sets out how RED intend to consult with local communities within the vicinity of the project about the proposed development, and the preliminary environmental information which will inform the Environmental Statement, during the pre-application process. It provides details on how the project information can be accessed and how to respond to the consultation.

The SoCC is available for inspection free of charge on the project website.

Paper copies of the SoCC are available for pickup (subject to availability) from 7 June until 12 July 2021 at Littlehampton Library.