West Sussex Community Hub (COVID-19)


West Sussex County Council Community Hub

West Sussex Community Support

Tel:033 022 27980 Lines are open 8.00am - 8.00pm

Together with local community groups the County Council has joined forces to launch a West Sussex community response to help and support vulnerable people during the coronavirus outbreak.

They are focused on making sure they can continue to support the most vulnerable people in our community - those who rely on someone else to help with daily living.

Some of these people can manage on their own but, as a result of social distancing, now find themselves without access to care, support or basic provisions. This could be because the support network they’ve relied on is no longer available to them during this crisis.

Through their website, residents can:

▪️request support for yourself or someone you know

▪️volunteer your services to help in our response to this virus

If you have a medical condition that makes you more vulnerable to coronavirus (also known as COVID-19), please register for support via GOV.UK.

Please check their website for regular updates.