Residents given something to look forward to

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Residents given something to look forward to

Littlehampton residents will be pleased to know that even a devastating situation such as Covid-19 has not put a stop to the Town Centre enhancement plans. Littlehampton Town Council held an extraordinary Council meeting on Thursday 4th June to discuss and make recommendations on Arun District Council’s proposals. The scheme, funded by the Coastal Community Fund, the Local Growth Fund, the Town Council and Arun District Council, was originally set to start this summer but the Covid-19 outbreak brought inevitable delays. Both Councils were keen to resume discussions so that residents and visitors have something exciting to look forward to in these uncertain times and to not lose the grant funding which can only be used for this project.

The enhancements include new high-quality paving, modern lighting, trees and contemporary seating and aims to de-clutter the High Street in a way that improves the shopper experience and discourages antisocial behaviour.

A key area of discussion was the retention of the clock tower in the precinct which was fully supported by the Council for its historic background and practical use as a clock and a landmark.

A presentation was given by Arun District Council’s Head of Economic Development, Denise Vine, depicting the different styles and materials that could be used for paving and seating. Town Councillors were supportive of a scheme that considered the different users and their needs including people with disabilities. The preferred choice was for the use of natural materials that are robust and require minimal maintenance and upkeep. Councillors were also keen that the materials used compliment the Town’s assets, namely the seaside.

Speaking about the scheme, Chair of the Town Council’s Policy & Finance Committee, Councillor Dr James Walsh KtSJ said: “This is a very exciting time for Littlehampton and together with the road infrastructure when the Town Centre development is complete it will bring about a wide-spread positivity about our Town. It is not an easy time for retailers at the moment but this work will contribute to the reviving of the High Street.”

The Town Mayor Councillor David Chace, who chaired the meeting, said: “I am delighted that the scheme is going ahead and that works are due to start in January. It will give our residents something exciting to look forward to after all the hardship experienced recently. I am also pleased that consideration is being given to parking during and after the scheme, we must ensure that infrastructure is right.”

Arun District Council has a dedicated page for this project which can be found at