Mayor's Response to Coronavirus

Town Mayor Tracey Baker 2019 (resize)

Hi everyone

I know many of you will know about the developing situation with the Coronavirus (Covid-19) and I wanted to update you on what I am doing with the help of incredible townspeople.

Earlier this week, I set up a support group on Facebook called ‘Covid 19 Littlehampton Support Group.’ The main objective is to help as many elderly, vulnerable and those self-isolating as possible by encouraging others to help one another during these uncertain times. I also intend to share relevant trustworthy information and allow others to do the same. This is an evolving situation and advice is changing daily.

So far, I have helped a few residents, mainly elderly, with getting their shopping, dog walking and having many chats on the phone. The general feeling is of concern, but people are incredibly grateful for any help. As you can imagine some people who were isolated before are increasingly losing out on simple things like brief chats with people during their weekly shopping trips.

Understandably these are worrying times for many but I urge you to not stockpile, let’s be considerate and try hard to remain calm. Supermarkets have announced they are taking measures to ensure food and essentials reach the shelves, they are doing their bit so let’s do ours and respect the restrictions on quantities and be nice to one another.

We really do need to come together now more than ever and consider everyone, especially the most vulnerable in our community.

It is reassuring to see how many people have joined the Group and shown what a caring community we have in Littlehampton. I am incredibly proud and grateful.

If you or someone you know needs help getting shopping, prescriptions, supplies or a friendly chat, contact me on 07852 217415. You can text if it’s easier or alternatively you can email me at If you want to offer help you can also contact me. If you can do join our Facebook group for regularly updated information. Please do take care of each other and together we will get through this.

At times like these, there is unfortunately misinformation circulating on social media regarding the virus and its symptoms. It’s very important that if you are concerned about any symptoms you are experiencing and/or looking for advice, that you use official channels ( and You can also visit the Town Council’s website and Facebook page for local updates.