Are you a poet? We’d like to know it!


This year the 8th May will mark 75 years since the end of the war in Europe, 75 years since the guns fell silent. To commemorate this significant historical milestone there will be a three-day international celebration from 8th May to 10th May. Giving us time to remember those who sacrificed so much during the war and those who sadly lost their lives.  

Littlehampton Town Council invites you to create a poem about VE Day whether it be a reflection about the war time or how people have commemorated the date ever since, it can even be about how your own celebrations this year. Will you be hosting a street party, or will you be spending time with loved ones?  

Speaking about the competition, Chair of Community Resources Committee, Councillor Billy Blanchard-Cooper said: “This is a lovely competition to commemorate such an important event and remember those who fought in the war. Take this opportunity to get creative and write something beautiful. The winner of the competition will have their work published in the Summer issue of the Town Council’s newsletter Progress and be invited to read it at our Armed Forces Day celebrations in June.”

There are three categories: under 13’s, under 18’s and 18+. There will be a winner in each category who will receive a prize worth £50. The only condition is that you must live, work or study in Littlehampton to qualify. Poems must be no longer than 200 words and can be submitted online or in writing by Friday 17th April 2020. Full details can be found here