Invite to Mayor's D-Day Tea Party

Stanley Northeast D-Day

Pouring out memories at Mayor’s Tea Party

A tea party for Littlehampton’s D-Day veterans will be hosted by the Town Mayor.

The idea came from Town Councillor Mike Northeast, after attending the D-Day 75 Commemorations in Portsmouth with his D-Day veteran Dad and realising how important it was to preserve first-hand memories of this historical event.

 “Young men became heroes and brought about the end of the Second World War. Many never speak of their experiences, but when they meet with other veterans the memories come flooding out,” said Councillor Northeast.

With precious little time to record veteran’s accounts, the Mayor and Councillor Northeast agreed to host a special tea party open to veterans who were part of the landings and those who remember what was happening in Littlehampton at the time. 

Supporting the idea, the Mayor Councillor Tracey Baker said: “We want to invite anyone with memories of D-Day to tea at the Manor House. A date is to be confirmed, but we are aiming for some time in the run-up to Remembrance Day later this year. As well as those who bravely fought, we want to hear from those on the home front – the Home Guard, Fire Brigade, hospital workers, Beach Patrollers – anyone who remembers D-Day and has a story to tell.”

Councillor Northeast added: “It is important to understand how the Second World War affected the lives of Littlehampton people and that we preserve these stories.”

Register your interest in being invited to the Mayor’s D-Day tea party by contacting the Town Council on 01903 732063 or send an email to