Town Council leading the charge...

A-Team Manager David Batchelor, Councillor Tracey Baker and Town Mayor

Littlehampton Town Council is excited to announce that its Amenity Team has a brand-new electric van meaning the Council will be able to serve the community in a more energy efficient and environmentally friendly way.

The new addition is a Renault Kangoo and is 100% electric. The new van, complete with livery, will be seen out and about when the Amenity Team carries out many of its duties including building and green space maintenance, event support and graffiti removal.

Councillor Tracey Baker, Chair of the Property & Personnel Committee added: “We all want to live in a greener and healthier environment and introducing an electric vehicle is one of a variety of ways we can achieve this aim. When one of our existing vehicles started to come to the end of its life we discussed options for its replacement and choosing a greener vehicle seemed like the best choice.”

So far feedback from staff using the vehicle has been ‘excellent’.