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Town Merit Awards

The Merit awards are presented as part of the Annual Town Meeting. These were due to be held in the New Millennium Chamber, Manor House, Church Street on the 23rd April 2020 but will postponed until 2021 due to the Coronavirus Pandemic.

The Merit Awards aims to celebrate and recognises those who make significant contributions to Littlehampton town and its residents. Nominations can be made for individuals who have provided long-term service as well as Groups who serve Littlehampton.  

For the first year, nominations are being sought from members of the public as well as town councillors. Once submissions are close, these will be referred to a panel of select councillors to decide upon the chosen winners. 


Town Merit Awards CRITERIA

  • Nominations can be for individuals or groups in paid or unpaid positions.
  • There are no restrictions on the Award being made to the same individual or group more than once.
  • Nominees must have made a significant contribution to the town and the townsfolk. This could be through a combination of a number of factors, improving the promotion of the town, enhancing its reputation, initiatives to improve quality of life for residents or a sustained contribution to a particular issue which has wide reaching benefits for Littlehampton.
  • This is not a referendum - the number of nominations for any individual will not have a bearing in the judgement of the nomination and decision.
  • Nominations must be from Councillors or current residents of the Town.
  • Full contact details of nominators must be available.
  • There will be no feedback on the success or otherwise of the nomination. It would be very unfair on any individual to have the reasons for an unsuccessful nomination shared in the public arena.
  • The decision of the Panel is final.
  • The Council will not comment in any way on the nominations other than making the presentation to the award winner and linked publicity.
  • The nominations must be made confidentially and details of any individual or group nominated must not be made public