Deputy Mayor

 Councillor Sean Lee - Deputy Town Mayor 2023 to 2024

The Deputy Mayor Councillor Sean Lee

Councillor Sean Lee has lived in Littlehampton since 2018. Having attended primary and secondary schools in the northeast of England, he left to attend University before moving to London to work for seven years. Following this, his career allowed him to travel the country as an education information systems management and systems implementation specialist in the Further Education and Higher Education Sector; whilst gaining a Masters degree part time.

In 2015, Councillor Lee took a year off to sail around the world as part of the Clipper Round the World yacht race before settling and marrying into West Sussex. After a brief period of working as a yacht technician in Gosport, he returned to his career in the education data sector and has now notched up over 25 years of work in the public sector.

He first stood for election in 2019 and has subsequently been elected to the Town Council in 2023 to represent River ward. He is a lifelong campaigner against racism and trade union activist. Whilst living in London, Councillor Lee volunteered with the Royal Hospital for Neuro Disability, working with residents to improve their lives through technology.  He is a keen supporter of local charities most notably the Royal National Lifeboat Institution, with whom he was previously trainee crew.

A lover of the arts, music and sport Councillor Lee will chair the Community Resources Committee in the coming year and be a member of the Governance and Audit Committee as well as being the newly elected Deputy Mayor/Mayor elect.

If he has any spare time in the next year you will find Councillor Lee, kayaking on the river, swimming off the beach, walking his dogs or gardening.

He hopes to engage with residents and visitors alike to make Littlehampton as vibrant and fun as budgets allow, whilst helping to create great shared memories of a historic and progressive town.

How to address the Deputy Mayor

The correct description on letters and envelopes is: The Deputy Mayor of Littlehampton, Councillor and their first and last name or more simply "The Deputy Mayor". If the Deputy Mayor is present without the Mayor and is representing them then they have the same precedence as the Mayor would have if they were present.

In speeches, one would say "We are pleased to have with us, The Deputy Mayor of Littlehampton, Councillor and their first and last name".  At the commencement of the speech they would be referred to as Deputy Mayor though later in the speech for simplicity they could be referred to as Deputy.

If both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are present the Deputy ranks immediately after the Mayor.

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