Deputy Mayor

Deputy Town Mayor Councillor Michelle Molloy 2020

The Deputy Mayor Councillor Michelle Molloy

Councillor Michelle Malloy was born and raised in Littlehampton and has grown up loving our town and its beautiful beach.

In 2006 at the age of 16 Michelle was offered her first job on the High Street with Arcadia. Over the years her knowledge of retail and the High Street grew. In 2011 Michelle took a career break and travelled to South Africa to tick a few things off of her bucket list.

2012 saw Michelle team up with Muscle Fury ltd a sports nutrition company, with her passion for retail and knowledge of the area and people that live in, she successfully helped to build and run a gym for the whole community. Over the years due to her success within the company Michelle became CEO. In 2015 Michelle became a mum to her lovely little girl, Maggie.

In 2017 Michelle needed something new, and an exciting opportunity came up at the local publishing house ELJAYS44 working as a brand manager for a new publication all about coffee. Traveling around the UK visiting some of the country’s leading coffee shops and coffee roasters really was a great experience, unfortunately she was made redundant in 2018.

Knowing that Maggie was going to start school Michelle knew she needed a job more flexible but still craved something rewarding which is when she started working for Angel Care Southern providing home care.

Littlehampton is a beautiful town and Michelle feels privileged to live here, but like any other Town she argues that there are many challenges to overcome and areas to progress on. Together as a community Michelle is confident that this can be achieved.

The correct description on letters and envelopes is - The Deputy Mayor of Littlehampton, Councillor and their first and last name or more simply "The Deputy Mayor". If the Deputy Mayor is present without the Mayor and is representing him / her then he / she has the same precedence as the Mayor would have if he / she were present.

In speeches, one would say "We are pleased to have with us, The Deputy Mayor of Littlehampton, Councillor and their first and last name".  At the commencement of the speech he / she would be referred to as Deputy Mayor though later in the speech for simplicity he / she could be referred to as Deputy.

If both the Mayor and Deputy Mayor are present the Deputy ranks immediately after the Mayor.

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