Committee Meetings

Public Meetings


A meeting called by an individual or group including local authorities to cover a timely issue with local relevance. There is no set format for these meetings but the convention is to have an individual or panel of speakers with questions and comment from the audience which may result in a call for action.

How to watch a Virtual Town Council Meeting

Option 1 laptop (recommended) – open a web browser (Google, Edge or Firefox – Safari is not yet supported). Copy the meeting link into your browser and it should pop up with a message open urlteams click ‘cancel’ and select ‘watch on the web instead’ and on the next window select ‘sign in anonymously’. Then wait for the live feed to start.

Option 2 mobile device – Download the Microsoft Teams Application (GooglePlay or App Store), select ‘sign up for free’ and when registering select ‘work’ and follow the process. Click the meeting link and it will ask if you would like to ‘open in Teams’, click ‘yes’ and the meeting page will open click ‘join as attendee’ and wait for the live feed to start.

For those unable to join the live meeting a recording will be made available on our website within 24 hours of the end of the meeting.

A link to the next Committee meeting will be published here when available.