May Elections - Candidates Announced

Become a Councillor

The Local Elections are taking place on Thursday 2nd May and the candidates for Town Council Wards have now been announced.

Candidates for Littlehampton Town Council Wards:

Beach Ward

Brookfield Ward

Courtwick with Toddington Ward

River Ward

Wick Ward

Wickbourne Ward

Please note that the Wards are changing as per the table below and that you can find out which Ward you live in by contacting Arun District Council on 01903 737500. For up to date information on local elections please visit the District Council's website. View boundary map here. 

Wards from May 2019

Number of Members representing Ward

Beach (no change)


Brookfield (enlarged and includes the former Cornfield and Elm Grove wards)


Courtwick with Toddington

3 (increase in number of Members representing the ward from 2 to 3)

Wickbourne (the former Ham ward renamed)


River (no change)


Wick (no change)