Opening Littlehampton’s Attic

Celebrating Littlehampton's Attic

Opening Littlehampton’s Attic

Friday 21st July – Friday 7th September 2018

2018 marks 90 years since Littlehampton Museum first opened its doors back in 1928. During that time it has been gathering the evidence of Littlehampton’s past (and a lot more besides). 

Over the years the community has donated thousands of objects (around 30,000 to be precise) and the museum is now home to a myriad of items ranging from gas cookers to rare archaeological discoveries. It is a bit like the town’s attic, but one that is incredibly well organised.

To celebrate the 90th anniversary the museum team wants to give a taste of this eclectic mix, so they have brought out as much of the collections as they could in the new exhibition 'Opening Littlehampton's Attic'. It is the largest number of objects to be displayed in an exhibition at the museum.

To compliment the display, the Museum Curator will be hosting a special session on the 18th August at 11am, looking at the archives in more detail, and showcasing even more items that visitors can get up close and personal to.

The Museum is also throwing a party on Saturday 11th August, so come along from 10.30am for some craft, games and of course, cake.

 “This is a fantastic way to celebrate the Museum’s birthday” said Cllr Ian Buckland, Chair of the Town Council’s Community Resources Committee, “This exhibition is filled to the brim with weird and wonderful things!”

For more information please the Museum's website