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Arun Parish

Public Notices

This page is for the announcement of road closures, temporary diversions and similar.


Notice of Public Rights And Publication Of Unaudited Annual Return


West Sussex County Council - Public Rights of Way Footpath Closure

Norway Lane, Littlehampton

The closure is necessary whilst the water main is replaced. The path will be closed for 21 days from the 16th September 2016 and will be followed by a further closure.

Download details of the closure here Norway Lane Footpath Closure [pdf] 200KB





 NOTICE IS hereby given that in pursuance of the provisions of Section 14(2) of the Road Traffic  Regulation Act, 1984, as amended, the use of

 Toddington Lane, Littlehampton, between a point 10 metres north of the level crossing and a point  10  metres south of it is temporarily prohibited from 23:59 on Saturday 3rd September 2016.

 This closure is necessary to allow Network Rail to undertake track maintenance works to the level  crossing.

 It is anticipated the works will be completed by 05:00 on Monday 5th September.

 The alternative route for southbound traffic will be via A284 Lyminster Road and A259 Worthing Road  and vice versa for northbound.

 This notice will be effective for a maximum of 5 days from the date given above.

 Any queries about the effect of the closure on traffic using the highway please contact West Sussex  County Council on 01243 642105.

 Any queries about the works please contact Centurion Traffic Management on 01273 322485.


Please be advised that West Sussex County Council has received a request for Temporary Traffic Regulation as follows:

Village/Town/Parish: Littlehampton

Specific Location: Lyminster Level Crossing

Type of TTR: Road Closure

Reason for TTR: Replacement of wire rope at top of CCTV column at level crossing

Access arrangements: Emergency vehicle access will be retained

Diversion route: A27/A280/A259

Applicant name: Network Rail

Applicant contact tel. number: 07920 276514

Proposed start date: 15th September 2016

Proposed duration: One night (00:05 – 05:00)


 West Sussex County Council

(Littlehampton: Purbeck Place) (Temporary Closure) Order 2016

 NOTICE is hereby given that not less than 7 days from the date of this notice, West Sussex County  Council intends to make an Order under the Road Traffic Regulation Act 1984, the effect of which will  be to temporarily close Purbeck Place in Littlehampton from its junction with Teminus Road,  southwards for a distance of 35 metres.

 The road closure is needed to maintain safety while a new electricity cable is installed beneath the  carriageway.

 The Order will come into effect on 8 September 2016 and remain in force until 16 September 2016.  Once made, the Order may remain in force for up to 18 months, or until the proposed works are  completed, whichever is earlier.

 During the operative periods of this Order, access to the Purbeck Place will be maintained via River  Road. Access to properties on the affected length of road will be maintained at all times.

 Any queries about the effect of the Order on traffic using the highway should be directed to the West  Sussex County Council Contact Centre, telephone number 01243 642105.


Road Name                     A284 Lyminster Road

Village / Town / Parish    Lyminster

Specific Location            Outside Brookside Holiday Camp

Type of TTR                      Road closure

Reason for TTR               Replace manhole cover and frame in carriageway

Access arrangements    Pedestrian, residential and emergency vehicle access to be retained

Diversion route                A27 / Patching Northern Roundabout/ Patching Roundabout Link Road/                                                  Patching Southern Roundabout/ Angmering Bypass (A280)/ Roundstone                                              Bypass (A259)/ New Road (A259)/ Rustington Bypass (A259)/ Worthing                                                Road (A259)

Applicant name               Southern Water

Applicant contact number 0300 303 0368

Proposed start date         20:00 on 12th October 2016

Proposed duration           Until 06:00 on 13th October


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