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Arun Parish

Planning and Transportation Committee

Role of the Planning and Transportation Committee

The Committee meets monthly to look at Planning Applications for Littlehampton.  The Town Council is NOT the Planning Authority, as this responsibility rests with Arun District Council, however, we are a statutory consultee.
The matters delegated to this Committee are: 
  1. The making of representations to the local Planning Authority on applications for planning permission as notified by Arun District Council.
  2. The making of representations in respect of appeals against the refusal of planning permission.
  3. Monitoring and commenting upon Strategic and Local Plans.
  4. The making of representations to the Planning Authority on other planning matters, including tree preservation orders.
  5. Monitoring and commenting to the Highway Authority on all highway matters.
  6. Matters relating to the Local Development Framework.
  7. Street naming.
  8. Commenting on licence applications for licensed premises.
  9. Making representations to Arun District Council on Public Entertainment Licences as notified by that authority.
  10. Commenting on the South Downs National Park 
Membership of the Planning and Transportation Committee 

The Planning and Transportation Committee consists of:-

Cllr Chester - Chair
Cllr Blanchard-Cooper - Vice Chair
Cllr Tandy (Brookfield)
Cllr Buckland (River)
Cllr Purchese (Beach)
Cllr Warren QVRM (Brookfield)
Vacancy (Courtwick with Toddington)

Meetings are open to the public.

Visit Arun District Council's website for Planning Help.

Agendas & Minutes


Date of meeting

Agendas Minutes
12th December 2016 P&T Agenda 12 December 2016 [pdf] 10MB  
14th November 2016 P&T Agenda 14 November 2016 [pdf] 13MB P&T Minutes 14 November 2016 [doc] 90KB
17th October 2016 P&T Agenda 17 Ocotber 2016 [pdf] 12MB P&T Minutes 17 Ocotober 2016 [pdf] 902KB
19th September 2016 P&T Agenda 19 September 2016 [pdf] 5MB P&T Minutes 19 September 2016 [pdf] 1MB
22nd August 2016 P&T Agenda 22 August 2016 [pdf] 13MB P&T Minutes 22 August 2016 [pdf] 3MB
25th July 2016 P&T Agenda 25 July 2016 [pdf] 3MB P&T Minutes 25 July 2016 [pdf] 2MB
27th June 2016 P&T Agenda 27 June 2016 [pdf] 12MB P&T Minutes 27 June 2016 [pdf] 2MB
31st May 2016 P&T Agenda 31 May 2016 [pdf] 8MB P&T Miuntes 31 May 2016 [pdf] 2MB
3rd May 2016 P&T Agenda 3 May 2016 [pdf] 3MB P&T Miuntes 3 May 2016 [pdf] 2MB
4th April 2016 P&T Agenda 4 April 2016 [pdf] 2MB P&T Minutes 4 April 2016 [pdf] 972KB
7th March 2016 P&T Agenda 7 March 2016 [pdf] 10MB P&T Minutes 7 March 2016 [pdf] 3MB
8th February 2016 P&T Agenda 8 February 2016 [pdf] 10MB P&T Minutes 8 February 2016 [pdf] 2MB
11th January 2016 P&T Agenda 11 January 2016 [pdf] 6MB P&T Minutes 11 January 2016 [pdf] 1MB



Littlehampton Planning Applications

No row returned means there are none at present. This list shows Littlehampton applications registered in the last 7 days. For more applications go to www.arun.gov.uk/planning

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