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Arun Parish

Neighbourhood Plan



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Following the 86% vote in favour of adopting the Neighbourhood Plan on the 15th October, both Councillors and the community have expressed their pleasure with the result.

Cllr Jill Long the Town Mayor who has also chaired the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group said “It is fabulous that the town has worked together to produce such a comprehensive document. Given that that some people were confused by parallel publicity for the Arun District Council Local Plan and the foul weather, the relatively low turn-out still exceeded the vote for the Police & Crime Commissioner. What we want now is for all the other authorities working in Littlehampton to take heed of the voice of the people. Their views are very clear. My task is now to ensure that the proposals are taken forward. I thank everyone who has helped pull the plan together and get us to where we are today.”

Terry Ellis from the Community Charter Group who has been campaigning hard in support of the Neighbourhood Plan said after the result “What a rollercoaster of a ride, after two years of the biggest and best ups and downs, I would like to say thank you to all those people who worked on the Littlehampton Neighbourhood Plan and those that voted in the Referendum. With an 86% YES vote, we now have a real chance, together with help from Littlehampton Town Council and Arun District Council, to keep our great Town of Littlehampton as a unique seaside resort and also to improve the leisure facilities in a way that the people of Littlehampton really want. Localism for the people gives us great opportunities, let’s grab every opportunity”.

This view was endorsed by Angela Tester a member of the Civic Society and Flood Action Group who said “This is the start of Localism in our town. It’s very encouraging that people have grasped the importance of making this positive community decision”.

What is the Neighbourhood Plan and its process

Neighbourhood Plan and Supporting Documents

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