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Arun Parish

Neighbourhood Plan


The Neighbourhood Plan is not to be confused with Arun District Council’s Local Plan but is of equal importance to Littlehampton

Dear residents

Councillor Long

As Chair of the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group & the Town Council Planning & Transportation Committee, I have had the pleasure in consultation with yourselves and colleagues on the Steering Group of overseeing the preparation and journey of the Neighbourhood Plan.

On February 14th we were delighted to hear that the Independent Examiner had approved the Plan, and that subject to some minor modifications it was ready to go forward to referendum on the 8th April.

However this is not the end of the story as on reading the Examiner’s report we had grave concerns that some of the modifications that were proposed were not minor and significantly affected the outcomes agreed for the Plan. For example with regard to the Swimming Pool site, the Plan stated that in the event of the facilities being relocated elsewhere in the town then the current site should retain its established use for leisure and should not be available for residential development.  The Examiner acting on information received by ADC removed this condition making the site vulnerable for housing development.  This is not what you told us you wanted!

I firmly believe that first and foremost this is a Neighbourhood Plan and has come about through extensive consultation with local residents of Littlehampton in line with the ethos of the Localism Act. If we disregard these views and write something different then the whole plan loses its purpose. 

As a result we feel we cannot promote the Plan in its amended form and because no immediate solution to the impasse has been found Arun District Council has taken the decision to cancel the referendum scheduled for 8th April. We hope very much that this matter will be resolved and that we can let you know very soon when you can vote on your Plan at referendum .

Councillor Jill Long, Chair of the Planning & Transportation Committee

What is the Neighbourhood Plan and its process

Neighbourhood Plan and Supporting Documents

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