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Arun Parish

Full Council


The Council Meeting is the ultimate decision making body of Littlehampton Town Council.  All 15 Councillors who have been elected to represent the 8 Wards of the Town attend the meeting, which meets every 8 weeks.
The Full Council Meeting decides the overall objectives, major policies and financial strategies of the Council. it also considers recommendations from the Committees on issues of significance.
Through the Constitution, it delgates responsibility for carrying out many of the Council’s functions and policies to the Committees. It also agrees the membership of the Committees.


All Councillors sit on Full Council.  The Chairman of the Council is the Mayor.

Follow this link to view the full list of Town Councillors

Agendas and Minutes

Dates, Agendas and Minutes from meetings of Full Council for 2017 are :-

2017 Minutes and agendas
Dates Agendas Minutes
23 November 2017 Agenda Full Council 23 November 2017 [pdf] 18MB Minutes Full Council 23 November 2017 [pdf] 1MB
12 October 2017

Agenda Full Council 12 October 2017 Part1 [pdf] 20MB

Agenda Full Council 12 October 2017 Part2 [pdf] 21MB

Full Council Minutes 12 October 2017 [pdf] 4MB
22 June 2017 Agenda Full Council 22 June 2017 [pdf] 22MB Minutes Full Council 22 June 2017 [pdf] 4MB
18 May 2017 Agenda Annual Council Meeting 18 May 2017 [pdf] 15MB Minutes Annual Council Meeting 18 May 2017 [pdf] 4MB
30 March 2017 Agenda Full Council 30 March 2017 [pdf] 28MB Full Council Minutes 30 March 2017 [pdf] 3MB
26 January 2017 Agenda Full Council 26 January 2017 [pdf] 24MB Full Council Minutes 26 January 2017 [pdf] 3MB


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