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Arun Parish

Community Resources Committee

Role of the Community Resources Committee
The matters delegated to this Committee are: 

All matters (including the preparation of a draft budget for consideration by the Policy and Finance Committee and Council and the recommendation to Council of fees and charges) relating to :-

  1. Project 82 (excluding the provision and maintenance of the building).
  2. The Littlehampton Museum (excluding the provision and maintenance of the building).
  3. Rosemead Park (with Property and Personnel with regard to the initial site improvement following acquisition).
  4. Community Arts and Events.
  5. Allotments.
  6. Tourism.
  7. Leisure.
  8. Community Grants.
  9. Wick Community Initiatives.
  10.   The planting of roundabouts, the purchase of additional cuts of highway verges, tree planting and the occasional cleaning of alleyways etc  
Membership  of the Community Resources Committee

Cllr Blanchard-Cooper - Chair
Cllr Ayres - Vice Chair
Meetings commence at 6.30pm and are open to the public. 

Dates of Meetings for 2016, Agendas and Minutes 
Date of meeting Agendas Minutes
8th December 2016    
20th October 2016    
8th September 2016 CRC Agenda 8 September 2016 [pdf] 15MB CRC Minutes 8 September 2016 [pdf] 2MB
9th June 2016 CRC Agenda 9 June 2016 [pdf] 20MB CRC Minutes 9 June 2016 [pdf] 4MB
14th April 2016 CRC Agenda 14 April 2016 [pdf] 8MB CRC Minutes 14 April 2016 [pdf] 805KB
17th March 2016 CRC Agenda 17 March 2016 [pdf] 13MB CRC Minutes 17 March 2016 [pdf] 906KB
11th February 2016 CRC Agenda 11 February 2016 [pdf] 7MB CRC Minutes 11 February 2016 [pdf] 3MB




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