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Arun Parish

Balancing the Books - the Council's Budget

Aiming to deliver an ambitious but achievable work programme for the benefit of residents and visitors, Littlehampton Town Council’s budget 2018/19 budget was set on Thursday 25th January.

Speaking at Full Council, the Chair of the Policy & Finance Committee, Councillor Dr James Walsh KStJ said: “The Council is committed to maintaining and enhancing existing services and it is doing so by ensuring that priorities are clear, achievable and beneficial for the Town. Much of the capital investment emanating from this budget is achieved by the careful use of earmarked reserves.”

There will be an expanded community events programme, an increase in funds available to groups through the Grant Aid scheme and new allotments at Kingley Gate. Provision has been made to continue supporting the town bus service, linking to funding from developers, to ensure that residents of the new development have easy access to public transport.

Littlehampton Town Council has agreed to increase Council Tax by 1.9% (£2.19 per annum) for a Band D Council Tax Payer, which will now total £117.91.

What’s new for 2018/19

* LTC commits to supporting local groups and charities: Increasing its Grants Schemes budget by £3,000, a total of £20,000 is now available.

* LTC backs community events: A second Screen on the Green (outdoor cinema experience) is promised, as is a Beacon Lighting event to commemorate the Centenary of WWI. Grants will be offered to community event organisers.


* Free WIFI and first impressions: Working with partners, LTC has allocated funding to develop a free WiFi service on the Seafront. There will also be new town gateways and a new floral display contract with Ferring Nurseries.

*Out and about: LTC is investing in the new skate park through a partnership with Arun District Council. The Town Council is also making provision to keep public conveniences at Norfolk Gardens open all year round.

*A town ‘first’: LTC is excited at the prospect of the new allotments soon to be available at Kingley Gate, especially the accessible plots – the first in the Town’s history.

* Making history: LTC is match-funding a Heritage Lottery Fund grant, enabling a project managed by the Heritage Group to assess the town's assets and their need for preservation.

* Valuing our people: Continuing to be a good employer, an increase in salaries by 2% in the next 2 years will see the Town Council become a Foundation Living Wage employer.   

*Keeping options open: LTC will begin exploring options for other key services, including a new building for the Keystone Centre or another youth facility, a town centre community building and a new playground at Rosemead Park.


Breakdown of Expenditure

Percentages of Net expenditure



Democratic Representation & Management


Town Management


Community Grants & Partnership Initiatives


Planning & Transportation


Manor House


Corporate Management


Street Lighting




Southfields Jubilee Centre


Parks & Open Spaces


Youth Provision







Total Budgeted Revenue Expenditure


Total Budgeted Income


Net Budgeted Revenue Expenditure



Financed By









Band D Council Tax 2018/19



Increase in Band D tax



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