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Arun Parish

A Stage by the Sea - Expressions of interest invited....

Stage by the Sea - Littlehampton Seafront

Littlehampton Town Council is seeking expressions of interest from companies that can present designs, and implement the building of, an innovative covered space for the seafront at Littlehampton.

Project Vision
To provide a high quality landmark structure forming the focal point of Littlehampton‘s Greensward for the benefit of visitors and residents

The site
Banjo Road Sunken Garden Historically Littlehampton Seafront and greensward has provided entertainment to many visitors and residents.  In addition the Greensward has accommodated a number of structures over the last century including a windmill, hotel, water fountains, pavilions, shelters and bandstands. All of these have now disappeared with the bandstand surviving until 1968 and the 1950s brick shelters being demolished more recently to provide space for the much acclaimed Long Bench. 

The Greensward is very popular with the local community and hosts not only a number of annual attractions such as Bonfire night and the Carnival but also a large number of one-off events such as charity functions and even the occasional wedding reception. Many of these focus on the central area of the green at Banjo Road and it is in the sunken garden area that it is proposed that the new structure will be located. Banjo Road is located at the end of Fitzalan Avenue which is the main gateway to Littlehampton 

The whole site is approximately 1250 sq metres. It is anticipated that the structure should occupy a maximum of 400sq metres based around the central circle leaving room for audience seating

Waterfront Strategy
The Waterfront Strategy and recent consultation by the Town Council for the Neighbourhood plan highlighted the need for a structure that can provide:

  • A performance/stage space for bands, dance groups, singers, weddings etc 

and when not in use

  • A shelter from the elements for people visiting the foreshore.

With these objectives in mind, Members of the Town Council are seeking an innovative design that will provide these practical services. Traditional bandstand and pre-constructed structures have been considered but these do not necessarily provide the sort of flexible space that is required. 

The structure should:

  • Be made of a durable material that is resistant to vandalism and the punishing effects of a seaside environment
  • Require minimal maintenance
  • Provide a limited amount of seating that is sheltered from the weather

The structure should not:

  • Be totally enclosed or have any lockable elements
  • Cover a greater area of 400sq metres (See site plan attached). 

Any structure should be in keeping with the surrounding architecture including the East Beach Cafe, the Long Bench and the Lion’s Den Playground  

Project Funding
The Town Council has set aside in the first instance £40,000 for this project but is prepared to seek additional grant funding if necessary

Selection will be made from expressions of interest received from contractor-led teams.  From the expressions of interest up to four teams will be invited for interview.

Expressions of Interest: Submission Requirements
Expressions of interest should be submitted on a maximum of 10 single sided A4 pages in total. Three copies should be provided along with an electronic version in pdf format on a CD ROM. 

The 10 pages should include the following information:

  • an introduction to the team,
  • details of any previous related projects, including illustrations
  • details and brief CVs of key people within the team proposed for this project

Expressions of interest should be submitted to:

Clare Potter
Littlehampton Town Council
Manor House
Church Street
BN17 5EW
and to arrive no later than 1400 hours on Monday 26th March  2012.   

Criteria for selection of the Short list
Up to four teams will be selected for interview.  The shortlist will be prepared on the basis of the following criteria: 

  • ability to demonstrate creative design and flair
  • quality of previous work
  • skills and resources of the team to take the project through to completion
  • quality of the team proposed
  • financial stability
  • ability to deliver projects on time and on cost.

Any contractor may apply, although they should be located close enough to the site to ensure that they can manage the process effectively. The design team must include a registered architect.

Timescale, Budget and Procurement
The Council wish to complete the development by the summer of 2013. It is anticipated that the project will ultimately be procured under a Design and Build contract.     

Selection Panel
The Selection Panel, which may be subject to change, will include representatives from: 

  • Littlehampton Town Council
  • Arun District Council
  • Local Community
  • Local Business.

All enquiries should be made to:
Clare Potter – Project Manager
Littlehampton Town Council
Tel: 01903 732063


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